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Caucasus tours are more common than you’d think. The travel guide to Caucasus will help you get a stronger grip on how to move around in this particular place. In order for you to fully enjoy yourself through amazing sites of mountains and what not, you should read ahead. It’ll definitely be better than reading a plain map.

Situated alongside Russia, Iran, and Turkey, between the Black and Caspian Seas, the district of the South Caucasus is Europe’s overlooked wilderness. The little nations of Georgia and Azerbaijan may sound colourful and overwhelming, maybe notwithstanding conjuring up pictures of grim, ex-Soviet states tormented by clash.

It’s reasonable that just the most courageous travellers make it over to the Caucasus. The truth; on the other hand, is that the area is rich in antiquated and intriguing societies, extraordinary scenes incorporating the Caucasus Mountains, from subtropical coastlines to dry deserts and prairies, also awesome sustenance and wine, or more all, a portion of the friendliest and hottest individuals you’ll ever meet. While travelling the Caucasus, the best thing I can encourage is to expect the unforeseen. You’ll feel like you’re caught in a surrealist novel now and again, however for me that is a piece of the bid.

General Information

Here is some valuable data on surviving the South Caucasus, from the best method of transportation to overseeing visas, and in addition wellbeing and security.

Getting around

  • Marshrutka: The most practical method of transportation, as far as both time and cash, is the marshrutka, which is a kind of minibus working as a mutual taxi. You’ll see every one of them over the previous Soviet Union. In case you’re anticipating traveling inside and around the nations of Georgia and Azerbaijan, this is the least demanding method for getting about.
  • There is no solid timetable, and you’ll have to pay the driver in real money when you get on. It’s somewhat confused, yet it’s more direct than it sounds.
  • In Georgia  traveling by marshrutka can be a touch overwhelming, following the destination will be composed in nearby script, in a letters in order you’re unrealistic to have ever seen some time recently, so do ask and twofold check before getting on, or possibly have your destination spelled out in Georgian  so you can think abou
  • For global courses, similar to the Tbilisi (Georgia), the destination will be in Cyrillic script, and touristic destinations, as Kazbegi in Georgia will be in English. The uplifting news is that in Azerbaijan is they utilize either a Latin or Cyrillic script, so it’s less demanding to explore (in spite of the fact that, on the off chance that you travel south towards Iran, you’ll discover the Perso-Arabic script utilized). In principle, you can go from Tbilisi to Baku (Azerbaijan) by marshrutka, however considering the adventure is more than 10 hours, I would not prescribe it.


  • Traveling via train in the South Caucasus is moderate, moderate, implying that you’ll likely need to take the night train in case you’re anticipating going long separations.
  • Take note that you’ll have to hold these ahead of time in crest times, particularly amid the late spring and between prominent destinations, similar to the Tbilisi-Baku line or the Tbilisi-Batumi (Georgia) course.
  • Traveling via train is the most ideal approach to go in the middle of Georgia and Azerbaijan (the fringe is shut in the middle of Azerbaijan, so you’ll need to experience Georgia in any case.
  • There is additionally a night train going in the middle of Tbilisi and Yerevan, keeping in mind it takes any longer than the marshrutka, it’s more agreeable.


  • Forget the extravagance aerated and cooled mentors you’ll discover on your trips around Europe, traveling by transport in the South Caucasus is an ordeal.
  • While the transports are possibly more agreeable than the marshrutka and somewhat quicker than the trains, this isn’t the most ideal approach to get around.
  • They are still financially savvy, yet unless you need to appreciate the potholes in the streets and retain dazzling wide open for drawn out stretches of time without aerating and cooling, it isn’t advised though.
  • There are some immediate transport courses that join Istanbul with Tbilisi, yet unless you’re a no-nonsense traveler, or a simply bad-to-the-bone masochist, it may be ideal to simply take a flight to Batumi, Tbilisi or Baku.


While the Caucasus socially considers a piece of Europe, you’re not going to locate any ease aircrafts that interface between the nations. At the occasion, there are no non-stop flights in the middle of Tbilisi so you’re going to need to take either the train or the marshrutka, furthermore, there are no flights in the middle of Baku because of the strain between the two nations. You can fly in the middle of Tbilisi and Baku, however it’s costly, and it’s more amusing to take the night prepare in any case.


Renting an auto in the South Caucasus can be an enterprise, a potential debacle, or both.

First, the streets are really repulsive, best case scenario they’re loaded with potholes, and at the very least they’re life undermining. While there are a few sections of Caucasus with fresh out of the box new, pleasant streets, similar to the course running between Zugdidi and Mestia in Georgia’s Svaneti district in the Caucasus Mountains, you’ll discover numerous are close to bulldozed soil tracks with clasp curves and nothing remaining between your auto and a lofty drop down the mountainside

If the above hasn’t put you off, verify you lease from a universal organization like Avis, SIXT, or Hertz. My companions went for a modest, neighborhood organization in Tbilisi, just to be leased a terrible auto that separated three times with a smoking auto battery, headlights that didn’t work, and at one point we even wound up driving through the mountains without working windscreen wipers in the downpour. At the point when driving, particularly in Georgia, be exceptionally cautious with tipsy and/or neglectful drivers.


It’s a smart thought to get your standard immunizations progressive, similar to the DPT antibody, before setting out on an excursion round the Caucasus, additionally it’s prescribed to get Hepatitis An and B, and check with your specialist about whatever other inoculations you ought to get. It might be a smart thought to get immunized for rabies, especially in case you’re anticipating going into the field. Getting hold of the safe globulin is troublesome and could earn you back many dollars if you require it. It’s one element you ought to demand before traveling to the Caucasus, and remember you’ll require three dosages directed over a month as a deterrent measure. Abstain from drinking the faucet water, I’ve been tired on various events in both Georgia and Azerbaijan from doing precisely this, and filtered water is cheap. The exact opposite thing you need is to have fierce looseness of the bowels on a five-hour marshrutka ride. Investigating great protection is likewise a smart thought. Wellbeing and security are two things the Caucasians don’t consider especially important.


The most straightforward nation for US, EU, Australian, and different nationals to enter is Georgia. You needn’t bother with a visa; you simply need to get your travel permit stamped at the outskirt, which permits you to stay in the nation for up to 360 days.

  • To get a visa to enter Armenia is really direct, since you can get this on the outskirt, and a solitary section visa will cost around $7. You can likewise purchase it ahead of time on the Internet. In case you’re from the EU or the Schengen Zone, another law has recently been passed permitting entry into Armenia without a visa from January 2013 for up to 180 days.
  • Azerbaijan, then again, is a more convoluted and expensive procedure. The most straightforward path is to gather your visa from the Azerbaijani international safe haven, which by and large expenses around $165 for a 1-3 month sit tight.
  • You’ll oblige a letter of welcome, which can be organized by a travel office situated in Azerbaijan or even a few lodgings.
  • You can’t get the visa on the outskirt, so it’s best to enquire at the international safe haven, following the principles with respect to the Azeri visa appear to change all the time.

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