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You must have heard about the beautifully talented women of Kazakhstan. However there are more to this country than just girls and peace. The universities are of high standard and there are plenty of business opportunities waiting to be exploited.


Republic of Kazakhstan


Secular democratic republic


President Nursultan Nazarbayev


  • Ruling party Coalition led by the Party of Popular Unity of Kazakhstan (since December 1995)
  • Main opposition party Socialist Party; LAO (Harmony);
  • Democratic Committee on Human Rights;
  • Communist Party. Only six of around 50 political groupings are legally registered.


2,717,000 square kilometres


Astana is the capital with populace 270,000, 27 for every penny of whom are ethnic Kazakhs. A presidential declaration in September 1995 named Akmola as the new capital; the President renamed it Astana in May 1998. The past capital, Almata, remains the social and money related focal point of Kazakhstan. Fruition of the move to Astana is booked for 2000.


GMT plus 6 hours.


  • 85 million
  • The yearly population growth rate was 0.4 per cent per annum between the years 1980 and 1997.
  • Life expectancy at birth is 65 years and the rate of infant mortality is 24 per 1,000 live births (1997).

Ethnic make-up

  • 42 per cent Kazakh (Qazaq);
  • 38 per cent Russian;
  • 1 per cent Ukrainian;
  • 2 per cent Tartar;
  • 1 per cent Uighur;
  • 6 per cent Korean

A good number of 57 per cent of the population are typically urban dwellers.


In spite of the fact that the 99 for every penny proficiency rate asserted by the Soviet powers for focal Asia was misrepresented, especially in provincial zones, instruction in the area far surpasses that of neighboring nations toward the south. The Academy of Sciences in Almaty is the republic’s chief school of advanced education. All classes are currently formally led in Kazakh however numerous schools have been permitted to keep instructing in Russian after solid Russian challenges.

The contention is to some degree scholastic, on the other hand, as most taught Kazakhs banter in Russian and every ethnic gathering are energetic to learn English. Arrangements to present the Latin script, conveying the republic closer to Turkey, are unrealistic to be acknowledged for a few years. The essential and optional instructive area in Kazakhstan got a US$20 million credit from the Asian Development Bank in January 1996. The cash will go towards showing materials at 180 schools all through the republic, educator preparing and the advancement of another educational module.


Human services was genuinely standard over the Soviet Union yet the breakdown in exchange inside of the CIS and financial emergency has realized an extreme deficiency of drugs and gear. Infections, for example, cholera have re-rose all through focal Asia. In the Semipalatinsk region in northern Kazakhstan, a previous atomic testing range, instances of growth and conception imperfections are far reaching. Amid the Soviet period the Russian military tried the neighborhood populace prior and then afterward atomic tests to survey the outcomes of presentation to radiation.

The abnormal amounts of plutonium in the dirt stem from the various tests and reason, in addition to other things, resistant lack which is gone from era to era. Respiratory sicknesses are the most widely recognized ailments in view of the republic’s bunch natural issues. The shortage of clean drinking water is additionally a worry however Kazakhstan‘s baby death rate of 25 for each thousand (1996) contrasts positively and other Asian nations. Future during childbirth in 1996 was evaluated at 60 years for guys and 70 years for females.


The previous Soviet Union built up a broad welfare framework however value liberalization has rendered annuities, unemployment advantage and cash paid out to single guardian families for all intents and purposes useless. Most Kazakhs hold down a few employments and depend vigorously on secretly developed sustenance. The administration has said it means to pad low-salary bunches from the heaviest blows of monetary change however is under weight not to extend the financial backing inspired by a paranoid fear of hyperinflation. Kazakhstan has developed as the previous Soviet Union’s good example in benefits change. In January 1999 the pay-as-you-run framework was supplanted with a secretly overseen and completely subsidized framework. Under the new framework, workers pay an obligatory 10 for every penny of their wages into an individual retirement account. This is notwithstanding existing benefits liabilities financed through a 15 for every penny finance charge.


There are 17 airplane terminals in Kazakhstan. The state carrier, Kazakhstan National Airways (Kazair), was framed out of the republic’s offer of Aeroflot. The EBRD has financed the extension and modernisation of the republic’s air route frameworks. Kazair was confronted with breakdown in 1996 because of a progression of exceptional obligations. The carrier owed the state 700 million tenge, the Kazakh air route organization 40 million tenge and Russia stopped giving Kazakh pilots route data because of the aircraft’s obligations. Kazair claims one Boeing-747, one Boeing-757 and various Russian made air ship acquired from Aeroflot. The Turkish organization Burc won the agreement to construct an airplane terminal at the Caspian Sea port of Aktau in March 1996. The US$14 million venture will be constructed 22 km north-east of the city with a 2.8 km runway and a terminal fit for taking care of 400 travelers 60 minutes. Because of fuel deficiencies at Kazakhstan’s fundamental Almaty air terminal, confinements have been set on the quantity of planes it can refuel.


The second biggest republic in the previous Soviet Union, Kazakhstan’s 2,717,300 square km are proportionate to the measure of western Europe and embody moving steppes toward the north, betray toward the south and piece of the western edge of the Tien Shan mountains toward the southeast. The port of Aktau (in the past Shevchenko) is arranged on the Caspian Sea toward the west. Kazakhstan is flanked by Russia toward the north, China toward the east, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan toward the south and the Caspian Sea in the west.


Temperatures in southern Kazakhstan are normal from – 3 degrees Celsius in January and 29 degrees Celsius in June. In the north of the nation the precipitation midpoints are 200-300 mm for each annum and 400-500mm in the south.

Dress codes

Not excessively formal but rather unassuming, especially outside Almaty. Social traditions Kazakhs are extremely cordial and obliging. It is best to book arrangements for gatherings in the morning. Abrogation, even at last is genuinely normal. Russian is the consistently business dialect. Business and legislative issues are interwoven, with transactions and arrangements regularly ‘organized’. Dietary patterns when all is said in done, Kazakhs want to eat hot dinners. Sheep, hamburger, some stallion and pork devoured joined by vegetables, rice or bread. Camel milk is intoxicated and a light mixed beverage called Koumys is produced using steed milk. A Korean joint endeavor called “Shaggies” serves cheeseburgers and walnut cake in Almaty. Security It is indiscreet to wander out in the city alone during the evening. Dress subtly as well off looking outsiders can be an objective for muggers.

Entry Requirements

Cash guidance/regulations Import and fare of the national coin is not permitted. Discount of traded coin is conceivable against trade receipt. Import of outside money is permitted without confinements. Announcement needed. Fare of remote money inside of the breaking points of the statement given, less the sums traded or spent. It is fitting to take US dollars and deutsche marks; regularly just hard monetary standards are acknowledged.

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