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Just like any other country you’d need full preparation before you actually move to Greece. If you’re looking to study abroad then you can forget about all the family holidays you’ve had here before as things are definitely going to be different. You need to get acquainted with the very basics from the currency and economy to the cheap car hire services available in Greece.

On the off chance that you choose to move to Greece, either to resign there after a lifetime of work, or to go there to start another life, you ought to consider how you will spend the entire year, both in summer and winter. An existence with no work in it may start to pall even in the absolute best setting. Individual ventures, philanthropy work, courses, side interests, a paid occupation for even 1 or 2 days for every week can have a major effect.

When you are searching for work, it is critical to become more acquainted with whatever number individuals as could be expected under the circumstances, particularly identified with the kind of work you are searching for. To take a shot at an official premise, you should apply to the police headquarters for a habitation allow and pass the significant bureaucratic methods to get a work grant. A decent boss will help you through this procedure. On the off chance that you are beginning your own particular business in Greece bring however much printed material from your home nation as could be expected particularly past expense announcements, recognitions et cetera. As happens in any nation, to work informally, you are all that much helpless before whoever is utilizing and paying you.

Chances to contribute something to you’re new nation exist in the tourist business who might welcome anybody with the right experience. .To be sure, in a few regions, a great part of the work is tourist related which implies that if there is an awful season it is extremely hard to look for some kind of employment. Besides, you need to work for two seasons to have enough IKA (like our National Insurance) stamps keeping in mind the end goal to claim winter unemployment advantage. Also, any individual who brings capital and administration abilities would, all in all, have favorable position .

For the most part, it is consistent with say, that Greeks are not all that excited about printed material. So anybody with solid authoritative aptitudes can be helpful. Another probability is in intentional and ecological work, particularly with World Wildlife Fund. As far as nearby employments, top notch manor housekeeping, cleaning, nursing, childcare, pool support, cultivating work, tourism, property/showcasing spaces are all potential outcomes, albeit not generally publicized and there is no enormous battle to draw in non-Greek specialists.

best region for occupations, be that as it may, is showing English or different dialects however you should be a graduate. A TEFL or TESL capability is likewise preference and there are great on-line courses that offer this capability. Graduate attendants, as well, stand a superior chance for work than non-graduates yet in all cases, it is a smart thought to keep in touch with your own particular expert bodies in the UK, disclosing your expectation to move to Greece in light of the fact that they may have valuable systems that can help and exhort you.

On the off chance that you are setting up a worldwide business, or aiming to telecommute on PC related undertakings, then you ought to check email associations, ISDN, postal administrations and PC support in the area that you are considering purchasing in.

It is imperative to recollect that Greece has an unemployment issue – around 10%. In any case, regardless of the possibility that you have been getting unemployment advantage in the UK you may even now have the capacity to guarantee for up to 3 months in Greece. You are likewise permitted to take easygoing work for up to 3 months prior to you need full documentation.

Expense is payable by everybody beyond 25 years old, whether your pay is from in or outside Greece. The British self-appraisal model is at present being worked into a Greek arrangement.

All European nationals are qualified for proportional social insurance in Greece yet you have to give archives from you’re home nation and acquire restorative records from IKA (Idrina Kinonikon Asfalisseon). They have territorial workplaces and branches known as Parartimata.

You ought to visit just specialists and dental specialists enrolled under this plan. A few safety net providers work an Europe wide private Health Scheme – Norwich Union in the UK is one. At long last, obviously anybody with a European annuity can keep on being paid this when they move to Greece,

Remark: If you need to have a decent time living in Greece, be arranged to figure out how to cherish the things Greeks adoration: taking in the dialect of villagers, cooking for your neighbors chipping away at woven artworks/playing with stress dabs in your extra hours, assisting with the olive picking amid the harvest season and perhaps keeping your ears and eyes open for valuable tattle about town and being readied to hand-off it prudently to any concerned gatherings

Moving to Greece can be a long and drawn out procedure, yet first it merits familiarizing yourself with the absolute most essential social contrasts you’ll encounter when you move to Greece. Attempt as much as you can to grasp the Greek society and every one of its shortcomings. This is a nation in adoration with life and with a profound pull regard for youngsters and the family, so don’t be affronted in case you’re gotten some information about your conjugal status, richness and family setup

Evil eye

The very face of misfortune, it’s the Evil Eye that is reprimanded for any unexplainable incident in a Greek’s life. The Greek Orthodox Church even perceives the Evil Eye as a power to be figured with and it’s an antiquated Greek superstition. The most ideal approach to turn away the neglectful look of the Evil Eye is to keep one on your individual, to mirror the underhanded back towards its source. This is the reason autos, houses, key rings and adornments frequently bear an Evil Eye, and it’s likewise why the Greeks are attached to painting structures a detestable warding brilliant blue and careful about blue-looked at individuals.


Greeks are colossally superstitious, however everybody realizes that truly. As an expat you can’t be required to tackle every one of the traditions and convictions of the Greeks, however it merits thinking about some of them with the goal that you don’t annoy or outrage anybody coincidentally. Similarly, a few superstitions are very lovely and fun and you could win over your Greek neighbors all the more rapidly with a touch of nearby information up your sleeve. Here’s a little determination: – The pomegranate is an image of joy, thriving and ripeness. Bring one when going to companions in their new home, or on New Year’s Eve. Crush it on their doorstep when you arrive

  • Never hand somebody a blade as it may foreordain clash in the middle of you and the individual you pass the blade to. Put it down on the table or counter, and let them lift it up.
  • Spitting is once in a while accomplished for superstitious reasons, frequently after listening to terrible news about another person. It symbolizes warding off the Evil Eye, like the route a few of us touch wood superstitiously.
  • Never let your shoes falsehood sole-side up. Or possibly never let a Greek see you leave your shoes like this, as it’s an image of misfortune and is here and there seen as a sign of approaching passing.
  • Never propose a toast when drinking water or espresso – it’s viewed as unfortunate.
  • Don’t nod off under a cypress tree – it’s viewed as unfortunate and the tree may take your brains.
  • Keep eye contact when conversing with individuals – not doing as such is considered unfortunate.

Economy and Grexit crisis

Greece is amidst money related turmoil while it secures further bailouts from the Eurozone and fights to pass new enactment. This will for the most part just influence nationals of Greece and ought not deter you from moving there. Case in point the 60 Euro a day limit at ATM machines just applies to bank cards issued by Greek banks, on the off chance that you have a bank card issued by another nations bank you ought to have the capacity to withdraw your ordinary most extreme. This is a continuous issue and one you ought to research completely before choosing to move.

Family structure

Greek families have a tendency to be to a great degree affectionate and it’s ordinary for kids to inhabit home until they are hitched; some of the time children remain focused home even after marriage, with their new wife close behind. Slighting one’s guardians is viewed as one of the most reduced things a man can do in Greece. Just as, the condemnation of a guardian on a youngster is thought to be one of the most noticeably bad mishaps that can come to pass for a man, as the condemnation is said to be heard uproarious and clear by God, and acted quickly upon.

A Greek has two fathers and two moms, in principle: their natural folks. Noncompliance towards the natural folks is thusly seen as defiance towards the Holy family: a major no-no. Moms have a tendency to have a more grounded bond with their kids than fathers because of the physical bond partook in the womb, and all things considered you won’t discover the kind of ‘relative’ eye-moving we do unreservedly in the UK.

Good luck moving to Greece. You have the option of taking a cruise or yacht to the beautiful country as well.

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