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Whether you’re looking to explore the all famous Spain destinations or if you are interested to study abroad in this particular country, you need to be aware of the basics such as the currency, economy and MBA requirements etc.

Step #1 Making the decision

In the event that you need to settle in Spain long or transient then you need to have drive, determination and persistence. The hot climate may be a noteworthy fascination in you – don’t move thus alone. The sun is decent for some time yet in the event that you have to work in it to survive, its not exactly so appealing. In the event that you are one of the individuals who like everything done straight away then Spain is not for you. Be arranged for a slower way of life where things take a bit longer to finish. Living in Spain is not an occasion at all. Still persuaded that you need to move? At that point read on and do it. Expecting you have cleared up any wreckage and took care of potential issues in your own nation you are on the verge of moving. High time you think about things such as car hire.

Step #2 Here’s a final checklist before you leave

Home and travel

  • Decide which belonging you will take to Spain, which you will desert and which things you can offer before you take off.
  • Obtain evaluations for the move from no less than three evacuation organizations.
  • Purchase containers, names and air pocket wrap. When you pack boxes, list the substance on a mark.
  • Make beyond any doubt you don’t have anything on credit, for example, features, library books and assuming this is the case, return them.
  • Have you anything at the laundry or shoemakers?
  • Arrange moving date and affirm at any rate twice.
  • Check every one of the subtle elements of your Spanish buy. Affirm home loan and legal advisors.
  • Make beyond any doubt you have some money for your voyage and landing in Spain (Euros)
  • Notify powers, banks, building social orders and so forth of your new contact subtle elements.
  • Check any educating game plans for the youngsters.
  • Make game plans for your pets travel and landing.
  • Check visas, travel tickets and auto reports.

Have you got travel protection that is insurance? Have you a green card for your auto protection/insurance?


you’ll have to consider your annuities, charge, life certification, speculations and medicinal services game plans in you’re new home. It would be ideal if you take note that individuals from EU nations, for example, a UK national, a Dane, a Swede or Norwegian has the privilege to live in Spain by righteousness of their nations’ enrollment of the European Economic Area.

In the event that you are resigning abroad, you can keep on accepting your UK State annuity. On the off chance that you are moving for all time to Spain, you ought to get yearly increments in your annuity. Contact the Social Security Office to finish the right structures.

Note that the state annuity age and privileges may fluctuate in the middle of Spain and the UK. This is a UK government site committed to giving data to those re-situating to Spain from the UK.

To get your UK State annuity in Spain you should complete a case structure from the Pensions Service. This is additionally ordinarily accessible four months prior to you achieving the UK pensionable age. It inquires as to whether you need to claim a UK retirement benefits and for points of interest of any times of habitation and state protection you have in different nations. In the event that you are living in Spain and case an annuity from that nation, the UK Pension Service will pass points of interest of your case to the Spanish powers who will prepare you benefits in Spain. Individual and organization benefits plans can for the most part be paid anyplace. The experience of others has demonstrated that some organization plans, for instance, will pay benefits just to a UK bank.

Further, some annuity organizations duty charges for each abroad installment, in spite of the fact that others do as such for nothing. You may consider exchanging your annuity finance abroad. This would take out the Euro/Sterling swapping scale hazard if your store were kept up in Euros. If it’s not too much trouble take note of that all such global exchanges must get the earlier endorsement of the Inland Revenue and pro exhortation ought to be gotten from a benefits’ master.


Individual circumstances change significantly however you may stop to be at risk to UK charge in the event that you cut all ties with the UK and get to be domiciled abroad. Be that as it may you will actually be a UK inhabitant in the event that you spend an imperative number of days in the UK and will subsequently endure UK charge on your wage. Get more data on duty and your residence status from the Inland Revenue’s report called IR20. In the event that you do transform you residency money kept seaward may at present be at risk to assessment in Spain relying upon neighborhood duty rules. If it’s not too much trouble take note of that Spain forces a riches charge on you’re overall resources. Then again, as Spain and UK have a twofold levy bargain you ought to be given alleviation for twofold tariff. If you don’t mind recollect that on the off chance that you are proposing to lease your UK property this will pull in a UK salary expense charge.

Step #3 Making the move

When you have settled on where in Spain you are going to, you have to choose how to arrive. You will choose which way is best for you, contingent upon what you are bringing with you. In the event that you choose to drive, verify you read the area on driving in Spain. You can get an auto ship at numerous English ports and purchase a restricted or return ticket. A point to note is that on the off chance that you carry a procession over with you, most ships won’t offer you a restricted ticket so you must utilize the passage. Consider painstakingly the expense of an intersection to Calais and the extra cost of petrol and tolls instead of an intersection to Santander or Bilbao. Driving through France can be a long bad dream and extremely extravagant on tolls. Flying over is a shabby option if the sum total of what you have are a few cases. Modest flights can be occupied over the web at as meager as £50 each

Step #4 Travel documents

Since Spain is a piece of the EU, in the event that you live in an EU nation, you don’t oblige a visa to enter the nation. You have practically equivalent rights in Spain as you do in your own nation. Verify you have an entire ten year British Passport well before you take off. Make a few photocopies of it and verify you keep no less than one duplicate in a sheltered spot. Losing your unique visa in Spain would be a terrible move. Losing all record of it would be more regrettable. Consider taking out travel protection for your adventure over. its cash well spent if your gear vanishes or your auto is stolen with every one of your possessions inside.

Verify kids have their own identifications. Its additionally a smart thought to go the mail station in England and gather a structure for recharging of an identification and a structure for substitution of a lost/stolen international ID. These are structures you can’t get in Spain. Verify you have your entire introduction to the world/marriage endorsements with you and once more, verify you have a few photocopies of each which you ought to keep separate from the firsts.

Step #5 On arrival in Spain – N.I.E. Number

As an outsider living and/or working in Spain, the first thing you MUST do on landing is acquire a NIE number. This is a basic procedure giving you take after the guidelines. You can get a Gestor to apply for you yet it will cost you around 100€. To do it you’re self, go to the National Police station and gather an application structure.

Resources about Spain


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